5 Ways You Can Use Aloo To Save A Ruined Dish

5 Ways You Can Use Aloo To Save A Ruined Dish

How many of you have burnt rice while cooking or added extra spice to your curry? Let’s agree, we all have done it at some point in life. Whether you are new to cooking or have spent enough time preparing meals for family and friends, you often make mistakes in kitchen. What do you do then? Do you toss the entire meal in the waste-bin thinking it to be a culinary catastrophe? If yes, then you need to stop that now! It’s okay to make mistakes as long as you know how to fix them. And here, a humble potato comes to the rescue. We bring you some interesting ways how a potato or two can fix your ruined dish. Read on.

Why Potato Is Considered Versatile?

You would hardly find anyone not liking aloo. One of the most common ingredients in a kitchen, a potato can save the day at a given point. Whether you are feeling too lazy or in the mood to explore your creative self, potato is one ingredient you can always resort to. That’s not all. It can fix a ruined meal too. You ask us, how? Potato is a starchy vegetable that has no taste of its own, meaning, it takes the flavours of the dish you add it to. Besides, it has a creamy texture that gives a layer to your dish, making it a perfect ingredient to fix various recipes.

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Potato is quite versatile and can be used in a number of ways. Photo: iStock

Here’re 5 Ways You Can Use Potato To Fix A Ruined Dish:

1. To reduce salt content in dal and curry:

A pinch of salt can make or break a dish. While less salt makes your food blunt, adding extra ruins it completely. But, not anymore! All you need to do is throw in some potatoes in the dal or curry while cooking and let it absorb the extra salt. Finally, take out the potato and serve your meal.

2. To adjust the spice level:

We all get a burning sensation after having a hot chilli. Right? Now, if you have made your curry that spicy, cut some pieces of raw and water and let it boil. By the time the aloo turns soft, you will find the spice level is adjusted.

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Use boiled potatoes to adjust the spice level in your gravy. Photo Credit: iStock

3. To fix excess haldi:

Aloo is a solution to almost all our kitchen troubles. When you add excess haldi to your meal, just cut some potatoes and add them to the dish while cooking. The aloo will soak up excess haldi and balance the look and flavour of the dish.

4. To thicken gravy:

We love thick and creamy gravy if a chicken or paneer dish. But often it ends up being runny. What do you do then? Of course, add some aloo! Boil some aloo and mix with the gravy to make it thicker.

5. To fix burnt rice:

If you accidentally burn the rice, fret not, here’s a perfect solution for you. All you need to do is transfer the rice to some other pot, bury a raw potato at the centre and close the lid. Keep it for around 10 minutes and you will see the burnt aroma is absorbed by the potato. Discard the potato and enjoy the rice.

Try these tricks and save your meal from ruining. If you know any such cooking trick with aloo, do share with us in the comments below.

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