Indeed’s best entry-level jobs for recent college grads, ranked

Indeed’s best entry-level jobs for recent college grads, ranked

Hundreds of thousands of college students are expected to walk across a stage next month to receive their diploma, their proud gaze quickly turned toward the prospect of gaining full-time employment. 

Class of 2023 graduates will be sending out their resumes at a time when the labor market is starting to show signs of cooling down, with job openings, hiring and wage growth all slowing. Last month, employers added 236,000 jobs — a solid pace of growth in pre-pandemic times, but the slowest rate of hiring since 2021.

But there’s a silver lining, according to online jobs board Indeed, which has seen a sharp rise in listings between September and February, for more than two dozen job titles that pay more than $40,000.

For its list of top 25 jobs for new graduates, Indeed ranked the fastest-growing job titles — roles that are increasing in demand — with salaries of least $40,000. The figure listed reflects the average salary across all levels of experience.

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The top 25 jobs are:

Mental health case manager ($42,000)

These managers oversee a roster of mental health patients and regularly evaluate how well their treatment is going. 

Transportation coordinator ($47,500)

This person is responsible for making sure packages are delivered to customers on time, as well as planning delivery routes and managing drivers. 

Behavioral therapist ($50,000)

These therapists mostly work in hospital settings where they diagnose and treat patients with mental health disorders. 

Retention specialist ($50,000)

This role makes sure existing customers remain satisfied. The job includes collecting data about customer service trends and responding to customer complaints. 

Accounting coordinator ($52,000)

At some companies, this person acts as a floater between multiple accounting departments preparing financial reports. At other employers, this role involves bookkeeping and gathering documents for taxes and audits. 

Community relations coordinator ($52,500)

These workers, who usually come from a marketing or public relations background, paint a positive public image for their employer in a given community.

Special events coordinator ($54,000)

These people are in charge of organizing and crafting plans events such as weddings, parades, trade shows, conferences, marathons and concerts. 

Design coordinator ($55,000)

This role works primarily in construction and is responsible for preparing design plans for new builds or renovation projects. 

Loan processor ($55,000)

This type of processor typically works in the mortgage or auto lending space and assembles all the paperwork needed for a loan application that goes to an underwriter for approval. 

Outside sales representative ($60,000)

These are sales reps who go out into the public and interact face-to-face with their company’s existing or new customers and explain their employer’s best products and services. 

Speech-language pathologist ($60,000)

These specialists work with clients to help them fix or manage speech issues like stutters or lisps. They’re also known as speech therapists. 

Lead generation specialist ($62,500)

People in these roles typically come from a marketing or sales background. They help companies find and bring in new clients. 

Geotechnical engineer ($65,000)

These engineers test the rocks, dirt and water underneath a surface to make sure it’s safe for someone to build on top of it.

HR coordinator ($67,500)

The responsibilities of this role vary, but typically this coordinator is in charge of the health insurance and other benefits for employees. 

Tax preparer ($67,500)

A tax preparer helps members of the public — or their employer — file the necessary paperwork to submit state and federal tax returns.

Pharmaceutical sales representative ($74,378)

These workers visit hospitals and other medical centers and persuade doctors to prescribe their patients certain medications. 

Business development coordinator ($75,000)

These people drum up new business for their employer by developing sales strategies for potential clients. 

Water resources engineer ($80,000)

This person designs and builds canals, dams, reservoirs, pipelines and other water-management structures.

Quality auditor ($84,500)

This person is in charge of testing the quality and durability of products their employer sells. 

Network operations technician ($85,500)

This person typically works in a company’s IT department, maintaining computer networks, servers and other telecommunications equipment. 

Patient access manager ($90,000)

This person works in a medical setting, like a hospital or outpatient center, where he or she oversees the admission and patient registration process. 

Structural engineer ($90,000)

These engineers draw up design plans for tunnels, bridges, buildings and other infrastructure that construction crews refer to when building. 

IT engineer ($92,500)

This person is responsible for setting up and installing their employer’s computer systems and maintaining them once the systems are up and running. 

Registered nurse – Acute care ($92,732)

These specialized nurses take care of people who have suffered heart attacks or other medical traumas. They also look after patients before and after surgery. 

C++ developer ($120,000)

These software developers create applications for mobile devices and computers. 

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