Mira Kapoors Grandmom-Approved Dessert Delight Sets Instagram On Fire

Mira Kapoors Grandmom-Approved Dessert Delight Sets Instagram On Fire

Mira Kapoor’s fondness for food is well-known, as she openly declares herself a foodie and frequently shares her culinary experiences. While she typically follows a healthy diet and eats wholesome meals most of the time, she does let her hair down occasionally to indulge in sinful treats. And we get to see it all on Instagram. Mira Kapoor enjoys 4.5 million followers on the photo-sharing app, whom she keeps updated with her foodie diaries. Recently, she shared a story featuring a dessert she binged on with her grandmother and needless to say, it has left us hungry!

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Mira Kapoor shared a glimpse of her sweet indulgence on Instagram Stories. In the first photo, we can see Mira along with her grandmother and another family member enjoying a bowl of delicious ice cream. “When dadima met Swati,” read the text in the story. The second photo features only her grandmom with two bowls of ice cream kept in front of her. We can see mango ice cream and what seems to be coffee ice cream. We could also spot a bowl of what seems to be custard. “We are a very sweet family,” Mira captioned the story. Take a look at her full story here: 


Looks delicious, right? Well, if you too are craving some ice cream after looking at Mira Kapoor’s story, just like us, we’ve got you covered. Here we bring you some of our favourite ice cream recipes to try at home. From mango, chiku to apricot, chocolate and more – these ice creams are easy to make and perfect to beat the scorching summer heat. Click here for the recipes. 

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Not just desserts, Mira Kapoor’s food shenanigans feature desi meals as well. Earlier, she enjoyed one such meal that was super healthy and all things desi. Her meal included a paneer gravy, sarson da saag, dal makhni, sabzi, along with a bowl of raita and onion. There was also a portion of paratha on her plate. Other than the food, we couldn’t help but notice Mira’s gorgeous dinner set. Read more about it here.

What do you think of Mira Kapoor’s gastronomic adventures? Do let us know in the comments section below. 

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