Whats The Last Indian Dish To Become Mainstream? Twitter Post Sparks Discussion

Whats The Last Indian Dish To Become Mainstream? Twitter Post Sparks Discussion

Indian cuisine is celebrated worldwide for its rich flavours, unique masalas, and ingredient combinations, creating a culinary experience that is unmatched. In addition to its bold taste, Indian cuisine offers an extensive range of dishes, with each state contributing a unique and flavorful specialty. From Kashmir’s rogan josh to Gujarat’s dhokla and Tamil Nadu’s pongal, Indian cuisine boasts a diverse variety of flavours that are sure to tantalise the taste buds. Although Indian food is famous, only a few dishes have become mainstream in recent times. A Twitter thread prompted people to think about the last Indian dish that became mainstream. It also lists certain dishes that have now become mainstream.

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Twitter user @GabbbarSingh took to the micro-blogging platform and wrote, “What’s the last dish invented in India which has become mainstream. A product market fit as they call it.” He also listed some examples of dishes that became mainstream. The first dish that he mentions is vada pav that was created in the 1960s in Mumbai for the cotton mill workers. “Quick snack, lots of carbs, the pao keeps you from staining your fingers with oil,” he adds. Further, in the comments section, he mentions other dishes, including pav bhaji and kanda poha, which were created in the 1850s and 1950s respectively. He further adds, “Even samosa was invented in 10th century AD, have we forgotten the art of creating blockbuster food items? All I see is fusion of cuisines.” Take a look:

Since being shared, the Twitter thread has raked in over 426.6K likes and 126 retweets so far.
The users shared examples of Indian dishes that have become mainstream, which led to further discussion on the topic. One person wrote, “Chicken 65, invented in 1965 in Hotel Buhari, Chennai.”

Another person mentioned, “Rava idli was invented by the legendary MTR restaurant as an alternative for rice idli as there was a rice shortage in India due to World War 2.”

“Chikki – made as a good peanut jaggery energy bar for railroad workers on the khandala route,” read a third comment.

A fourth person wrote, “Chicken tikka masala. nothing is more mainstream than that.”

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Here’s how other people reacted to the Twitter thread:

What did you think of this post? Do you remember any such dishes? Do let us know in the comments below.

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