Woman Tries Ethiopian Food For The First Time, Says “Its So Similar To Indian Food”

Woman Tries Ethiopian Food For The First Time, Says “Its So Similar To Indian Food”

Every cuisine offers a diverse array of flavors crafted through distinct techniques and local ingredients. Indian cuisine, for instance, boasts an abundance of spices, while Spanish and Italian cuisines are renowned for their extensive use of tomatoes. Exploring a new cuisine allows one to embark on a captivating culinary journey, introducing them to an unforgettable world of flavors. Recently, a woman had the pleasure of indulging in Ethiopian food, an experience that left a lasting impression on her. She found herself unable to move past the remarkable flavors she encountered during her Ethiopian gastronomic adventure.
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In a Twitter post, the woman shared a captivating picture of a vibrant Ethiopian delicacy, expressing her sheer delight by describing it as “absolutely fantastic and bursting with flavor.” The image showcased a plate adorned with a variety of colorful sauces in shades of red, yellow, and orange, accompanied by rolls and other delectable foods. The tweet read, “Ethiopian food is simply outstanding! The four of us devoured this delightful spread in just 5 minutes. It’s truly amazing and packed with flavor. I can’t help but feel a tinge of sadness for having missed out on Ethiopian cuisine for the past 37 years of my life.” The woman further commented on the resemblance between Ethiopian and Indian cuisine, pondering why Ethiopian food isn’t more popular in India. Take a look:

She shared another photo after thoroughly enjoying the meal and leaving no remnants on the plate. The caption humorously read, “After 5 minutes. *BURP* Completely incapable of moving even an inch.”
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The post garnered significant attention on the platform, eliciting a range of reactions from users. One user chimed in, affirming the similarity between Ethiopian cuisine and a specific Indian dish: “Absolutely true. The godumai dosai (wheat pancake) we had at an Ethiopian restaurant in the USA tasted remarkably similar to the ones we prepare at home. It was a delightful and unexpected surprise. Thank you for shedding light on this!”

“Indeed, I had the pleasure of visiting a couple of Ethiopian restaurants during my time in the US. Without a doubt, they offered some of the most exceptional foreign cuisines I’ve ever tasted,” shared another individual.

Another user said, “I agree. Need more Ethiopian food restaurants”.

“It’s very similar to Indian food. It’s a good substitute for Indians outside India craving for Indian food. But if you are in India, there is nothing that it offers in particular,” a comment read.

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