9 Ways to Jumpstart Healthy Eating Habits After Festive Binge

Festivals call for celebrations. You dance your hearts out, spend quality time with your loved ones and more importantly, chomp on mouth-watering treats. However, after all that fun, it’s imperative to follow your usual regular healthy lifestyle. This is also important because a lot of people end up putting on weight after the festive binge. Do you go through similar experiences after festivals? Have you also gorged on heavy and oily food items? Stop, right there. If you wish to jumpstart healthy eating habits after the festive binge, there are some points that need to be kept in mind. Look at the nine tips mentioned below.

Here Are 9 Ways to Jumpstart Healthy Eating Habits After Festive Binge

1. Opt for Detox Drinks

Did you treat yourself to a lot of junk or greasy and oily food items? Well, start with detoxing yourself then. This is a good way to get rid of those toxins accumulated inside your system. How can you do this, you ask? Sip on some refreshing honey lemon ginger tea and you are good to go. You can easily brew a nice cuppa for yourself in mere ten minutes. Click here for the recipe

2. Stay Hydrated

Drinking 8 litres of water is good for your health. It keeps you healthy, clean, and hydrated and relieves issues like constipation. You can also drink some warm water that will help you improve digestion and revamp your metabolism. Do keep a check on your water intake and consume enough water consciously. To keep yourself hydrated, you can go for scrumptious coconut water with a hint of lemon and mint. Click here for the recipe

Coconut water is one of the best natural detox drinks. Photo Credit: iStock

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3. Rely On Healthy Snacks

We understand that it’s difficult to take a healthy route suddenly while you’ve been bingeing on festive delights. But no one is telling you to stop eating or to skip meals. All you have to do is make healthy choices. Do you feel hungry between meals? Go for healthy snacks like dry fruits or nuts. You can also try whole-grain crackers along with hummus. Why don’t you prepare some delectable protein balls at home? Don’t worry about the recipe. Find it here.

4. Stop Eating Sweet Treats

One of the first steps to following a healthy diet is to avoid sugary treats. No matter how hungry you are, try not to have sweet delights. If sugar cravings are still bothering you, replace your sweets with fruits that act as natural sweeteners. In fact, you should kickstart your day with fruits. If this isn’t enough, go for other healthy sweets. You can easily prepare some desserts with healthy twists at home. Click here for the recipes

5. Consume Vegetables


Veggies are a must in order to bounce back after eating unhealthy snacks. Photo Credit: iStock

Go to the market and bring enough vegetables at home. Right from salads to making a number of curries, make sure you are gorging on a lot of vegetables. These are loaded with fibre, vitamins and other nutrients that will help you keep your system healthy. You can also try steamed vegetables. If you are planning on avoiding carbs for dinner, go for this recipe.

6. Eat Mindfully

Overeating must be strictly avoided. If you are used to watching TV or web series while eating, stop that right away. Try to focus only on your food when you are eating. In short, practise mindful eating. This will help you listen to your body’s needs and stop when needed. Remember, portion control is the key.
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7. Exercise, Exercise And Exercise

We understand that your fitness routine goes for a toss, generally, during festivities. But now, it’s time to listen to your body. If you are a newbie in this arena, start with basic exercises instead of going for an intense session. But make sure you include physical work in your routine. If you are someone who already follows a workout routine, go back to that now.
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8. Pair Your Meals With Probiotics And Salads


Having curds with other foods is a great idea, especially after a festive binge. Photo Credit: iStock

It’s true that your priority is home-cooked meals once you are planning on going back to healthy habits. But, having said that, don’t forget to pair your regular meals with probiotics like dahi or a good fibre-rich salad. Don’t rely on carbs only. You can prepare this super tasty dahi cucumber salad at home. Click here for the recipe

9. Maintain Sleep Hygiene

You must never skip this point. Try to follow a proper sleep cycle. Everyone must try to sleep for at least 7 to 8 hours every night. Do not stay awake late at night. Sleep early and wake up early.
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Keep these tips in mind for future celebrations too. Happy Holi 2023!

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