“Bring Change Of 2000”: Man Shares Photo Of Cake Carrying Hilarious Message

No matter what the celebrations are about, a scrumptious cake always has to be there. The sweet delight adds to the joy of every occasion and manages to please us every time. From chocolate and pineapple to black forest and red velvet, cakes come in a range of heavenly flavours. Besides the delectable taste of this quintessential dessert, it is the sweet messages on it which can bring a smile to anyone’s face. Asking bakeries to write a birthday or anniversary wish on the cake is a common request. But what if things get a bit messed up? Recently, a person from Pakistan was left puzzled when he received a cake with an unusual message on it.

In the photo, shared by the person on Twitter, a chocolate cake is seen with a message which reads, “Bring change of 2000”. Wondering what led to this? Well, the person revealed that while ordering the cake he asked the shopkeeper to send a change of 2000. And, this request of his definitely did not go unheard.

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“Having ordered a cake from Layer’s, I requested they send change for 2000 (the conversation was in Urdu). This is what was delivered!” he wrote.

The post did rounds on the platform and people didn’t spend much time sharing their experiences.

“Similarly “we love Pakistan” was written on a cake as ‘wheel of Pakistan’,” a user wrote.

It seems this wasn’t the first time someone messed up with the message on the cake. “Hahah same happened with me, I asked them to write my niece’s and nephew’s names on top of brownies separately. Har brownie per ek aye ga (One name on each brownie). This is what I received,” a person wrote, sharing a photo of brownies with “Ek Aye Ga” written on them.

Another person shared that she asked them to write “Happy 1 month’ – neatly” and received a cake carrying the message, “Happy 1 Month Neatly”.

“We had ours with “Happy Birthday Stand” because we had asked for the standing Happy Birthday small boards on the cake,” a comment read.

Well, we can all agree that cake messages can sometimes be a bit too literal! Share your experience with us in the comments section below.

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