Covenant school shooting in Nashville leaves multiple dead

A survivor of the Highland Park, Illinois shooting in July was visiting Nashville at time of Monday’s shooting at Covenant School.

Ashbey Beasley told CNN’s Erin Burnett on Monday evening that she was visiting her sister-in-law in Nashville and was set to have lunch with a friend when she heard about the shooting.

“My heart broke,” Beasley said, “This is where we’re at, we have children living through multiple mass shooting incidences, what are we doing?”

Following the Highland Park shooting, Beasley has joined a gun violence prevention group and dedicated her life to making a change with gun laws.

“It’s the access to guns that is killing us,” Beasley said, “We’re not going to see any change until our lawmakers step up and pass gun safety legislation,”

“Unfortunately that’s where we’re at, we have to take care of each other, survivors have to take care of each other,” Beasley said.

Beasley jumped in a news conference earlier Monday, following the Nashville shooting, to protest against gun violence.

Former president Barack Obama took to Twitter to share the video of Beasley during that news conference saying, “We are failing our children. Guns are now the leading cause of death for children in the U.S. Michelle and I mourn with the students and families of the Covenant School today.” 

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