Watch: Worlds Largest Banana Species Grows In Australia; Weighs More Than 3 Kg

We all know that bananas are one of the most nutritious fruits. There are numerous ways in which bananas can be savoured. Be it in the form of cakes, muffins, ice creams, pancakes or smoothies, we all love relishing bananas. This fruit is rich in potassium and great for digestion, which is why you must include it in your daily diet. Now, what if we introduce you to an interesting fact regarding one of the species of bananas? Recently, we came across a video featuring unique gigantic bananas on Twitter. The caption of the video reads, “The biggest size of banana is grown in Papua New Guinea islands close to Indonesia. The plantain tree is of the height of a coconut tree and the fruits grow huge. Each banana weighs around 3 kg.” Now, 3 kg is almost equal to the weight of a newborn baby. The fruit takes about five years to ripen and so it is not that widely grown.

Since being shared, the video has received over 41.1K views and 684 likes up till now.  A user wrote, “Climate crisis is real. Last time I travelled all the way to Australia to reach Papua New Guinea.”

Another exclaimed, “Economy-sized bananas! Wow.”

Some questions also poured in the comments sections:

“Is it perennial or harvested after every crop?”

“How on earth do they climb up to harvest them?”

A user stated, “One is enough for one full day.”

“Good to know, thanks,” added another.

What do you think of this banana? Do share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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