World Oral Health Day 2023: Get Strong, Healthy Teeth By Consuming These Foods

We take utmost care of our heart, skin, immunity and blood sugar levels, and amidst all this, oral health often gets ignored. Oral hygiene is crucial for maintaining healthy teeth, gums, and mouth. Neglecting oral hygiene can lead to various problems such as tooth decay, bad breath, gum disease, mouth sores, tooth erosion, tooth sensitivity, and other dental issues. World Oral Health Day is celebrated every year on March 20 to bring attention to the importance of dental hygiene. To prevent oral problems, you must adopt good oral hygiene practices and follow a healthy diet. Here, we will discuss some of the best foods for maintaining good oral health. 

Dr Munish Bhagirath, the dental care specialist, recommends consuming fibrous and roughage-rich foods that do not get stuck in your teeth and harm them. “Sugary and starchy foods create an ideal environment for bacteria to thrive, leading to tooth decay and discolouration,” he adds. Therefore, it is advisable to avoid such foods and consume the following instead. 

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A good diet can help maintain oral health.
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World Oral Health Day 2023: Here’re 5 Foods That Are Good For Teeth: 

1. Apples 

Apples are the answer to every health problem, including dental health. Apples contain a good amount of fibre, which works as a cleansing agent to keep your teeth clean. Also, malic acid in the fruit promotes saliva production, which removes bacteria from the mouth. So, an apple a day keeps the dentist away! 

2. Milk and Cheese 

Milk and milk products like cheese are is rich in calcium, which fortifies teeth. The high protein content helps is reducing acid levels in the mouth, preventing gum corrosion. Also, cheese contains phosphorus, which is known to strengthen the teeth. Eat cheese guilt-free with these recipes. 

3. Water 

Drinking lots of water helps in the production of saliva, which keeps sensitive tissues moist and lowers the risk of gum disease. You should know that a dry mouth becomes a breeding ground for bacteria and plaque. Do keep drinking water throughout the day. 

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4. Citrus Foods 

Citrus foods like oranges, lemons and berries contain a high amount of vitamin C and antioxidants, which prevent gum infections and protect both gums and teeth from bacteria attack. Here are some common vitamin C foods you must consume regularly.  

5. Spinach 

Spinach is really a superfood. Besides, building overall bodily strength, it helps maintain oral health too. Spinach is rich in magnesium which helps in building the enamel. The green vegetable is most popular for its high iron content, and this mineral prevents staining and discolouration of teeth and protects them from acid erosion. 

Enjoy good oral health with a good diet. Make these foods a regular part of your diet. 

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